Who we are ?

Welcome to ekhad.net

According to the latest scientific findings, when our ancestors a few tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago started thinking, they started inventing concepts on life and death and how to live a better life during this short passage on earth that we call life.
These concepts evolved the way they did until today. The world to-day is the result of this evolution.
To-day, we are roughly 7.4 Billion human beings living on earth.
No matter who we are and where we are, this story concerns each and every one of us.
One of the great yearnings that has made its way to the present day and has become a fundamental challenge for all of us earthlings is the desire for unity.
What does unity mean? That is precisely what we will try to explore in this website.
Ekhad wants to explore this idea of unity.

Ekhad.net wants to gather all those who share this aspiration for unity, for One-ness. The idea that each one of us is unique, and yet, we are all One.
Thanks to the inspiration and intelligence of many of us, we are in possession today of a powerful technological tool that boosts our ability to learn, know and exchange: Internet.
Our Earth has become a small village where almost everyone is able instantly to connect via the Internet.
It is by using this powerful tool and with your help that we will, together, try to revisit, in a simple and positive way, the course of our history.
To do this we have identified two core values that will support our efforts:

1. Honesty – review our history with integrity and maximum objectivity … aware that the latest findings may at any time be questioned by new insights. This is also to recognize with humility, that our knowledge has limits. In that case we’ll simply say: “we don’t know”…

2. Life – we will retain from the past, present and future, the elements that are carriers of Life … life for all creation.
Throughout this exploration, we will be assisted and inspired by the writings and thoughts of those who endeavored, before us, to seek answers to this big question of the unity of mankind.
We would like this global collaborative and comprehensive approach to enrich ours and the following generations.
According to scientific theory, everything started (even if it was not the absolute beginning) approximately 13.7 billion years ago with what is commonly known as “The Big Bang»…